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About Radha Krishna Bhavan

Our quality ingredients ensure the best possible food available for your friends and family. Our menu includes a fine selection of popular and some unique Halal, Indian dishes. It is our commitment at Radha Krishna Bhavan to provide excellent food, service and an experience for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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86 Tooting High Street
Tooting, SW170RN

Favourite Menu Items


a paper thin crispy pancake made from rice and lentil, filled with potato masala



fried triangle pastry filled with lamb cooked with spices


tender pieces of lamb slow cooked and marinated in garlic, turmeric, dry chilli and black pepper


boneless chicken pcs marinated in spice, seasoned with onion and green peper


tender boneless chicken cooked in roasted coconut milk base, spices and curry leaves

Customer Reviews of Radha Krishna Bhavan

280 reviews


  • very tasty food


  • We've ordered from here many times. Maybe we were just unlucky this time but our order arrived about 30-40 mins after the time indicated. I called the restaurant twice and the reason was that the driver was outside but our address had wiped off the receipt! They didn't seem too bothered and seemed he just wanted me off the phone. My boyfriend went outside to look for the driver and although It was now gone ten and we weren't hungry anymore, finally our food was here! We opened it and it was cold, probably because the driver had been outside for about ten minutes. The standard of the food since I've been ordering from here has definitely gone down. Hopefully this was just a bad experience and we may order again but not anytime soon!


  • Tasty food but miniscule portions for the price!


  • Fantastic food as always


  • I love the food! Delicious, a party for my stomach :)


  • My first time ordering from the restaurant and I have to say it was really good. Many of the places on this site are all very similar and offer the same food, this however was totally unexpected. A gem that deserves to be much higher on the search list and I will certainly be ordering again and plan to visit in person for a meal. Thank you.


  • Even though we pre-ordered the food 4 hours in advance, it still arrived half an hour late. I called the restaurant twice and twice the manager assured me that the food was on it’s way. It is maximum a 7 minute drive from my house to the restaurant and yet it took the driver over 20 minutes. When it finally did arrive, the driver lied and said there were road works, even though there weren’t any, and said that he informed Hungry House, which he did not. By this time the food was cold and after the driver left with our money we realised that not only did they get the order wrong but part of it was missing. After talking to Hungry House (who were extremely nice) about this, the manager of Radha Krishna Bhavan claimed that the late order was because “they were rushed today and had a backlog they tried to catch up with” even though he told me on the phone that this was the only order the delivery man had to make, and he could not give me a reason as to why he was so late, although he did politely apologise several times. So to summaries, my food was cold, late, partly missing, partially incorrect and the manager gave no believable reason as to why. Having said all this, the food did taste quite nice even if the portion size was small. For compensation I was told I would receive two free poppadoms upon my next order however due to the extremely poor service and lack of value for money, I highly doubt I will be ordering from them again.


  • restaurant forgot to send the salad that we paid for. other than that all was great.


  • Quality of food never disappoints however the portions were a different size to when I ordered from Deliveroo despite being the same price which was odd.


  • As we often find with South Indian food, the vegetarian dishes were far better than the meat based. Avial was good, although there were no long beans which are usually standard. Aubergine was also excellent and the coconut rice too. Ginger chicken was ok, lacking a bit of punch and the chicken pakora was terrible. Tiny piece of chicken which were dry and over cooked. Not a disaster but won't be rushing to try them again.


  • We've been eating here and getting takeaways for a few years. The food has always been outstanding. However we think they must have changed the chef or something. All very different tasting and looking dishes and 40 minutes late to boot. I had to chase by phone!


  • food was good and the staff are always very kind and friendly.


  • I normally love food from here but both meat dishes I ordered were extremely dry and overcooked. Perhaps it was because I ordered at lunch time and I normally get food from here in the evening?


  • This is honestly some of the best Indian food I know of in London. Try the Cochin prawn curry or the masala dosa - one of the less usual dishes - coconutty and delicious, just the right amount of spice, you'll never want to eat anything else.


  • Love the food from Radha Krishna - usually order the same thing each time. Fabulous masala dosa ( crisp it in the oven) and the vegetable malabar and beans and coconut great. Other family members enjoy chicken dishes which i can't comment on. However, this week our popadoms were missing and there was a long black hair in the chicken korma....